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Amanda Kearney, Ph.D.
Keeping Company



Why 'Keeping Company'

25 years of international & national cross-cultural experience

Praxis-based training and 20 years teaching & training experience

Enriched positive social impact for clients & lasting best practice outcomes

Ph.D. qualified

Long-term industry and Indigenous community partnerships and linkages

Responsive to specific organisational needs

Reflexivity, Praxis & Growth
Professional Services

Amanda has built a long-lasting career on creating a legacy of social, environmental and community impact, working with Indigenous, diaspora and migrant communities in Australia, Brazil, Japan and the United States and organisations seeking to improve their intercultural capacity, social impact and corporate social responsibility practices. She has led the development of Post-conventional Anthropology, a commitment aimed at applying high level cross-cultural skills and training to actual, everyday human challenges.


Amanda will show you how to maximise your social, environmental and community impact through in-house and external expert consulting services. These services provide a comprehensive mapping program, advising and training around aspects of cross-cultural difference, intercultural relationships and ethics as they impact organisational cultures, knowledge building, corporate social responsibility and social impact. 


Amanda’s services are focused on assisting teams and organisations in growing in a time of increasing diversity and equity awareness by building change capabilities, providing coaching and designing and delivering team effectiveness interventions. Building capacity to engage with diverse ways of knowing is crucial in a time where inclusivity is an ethical next step. 


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