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Services include in-house advising on work culture and diversity/equity challenges, and organisational ethnography to:

  • Build nuanced programs of training and capability building

  • Identify and write your unique narrative for social impact and ethical influence

  • Train groups and individuals in organisational and personal reflexivity to support growth and positive work cultures


  • Cross-cultural fieldwork and documenting of plural knowledges for research and executive purposes


  • Designing ready to implement codes of conduct and ethics


  • Writing ethics applications for large and small scale projects


  • Delivering master classes in ethics for research and organisational growth

Training and Capability Building

In House Advising

Amanda provides in-house advising and organisational design efforts, culture definition, employee engagement and strategy development. An in-house approach facilitates nuanced design of resources and plans to support equity and diversity, and capability building for intercultural competency, cultural awareness and social impact. 


Laying the foundations for organisational intercultural and ethical effectiveness goals, her specific services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Scoping organisational and personal strategic priorities and challenges as focused on cross-cultural and intercultural factors, Indigenous recruitment and engagement, representation and diversity among staff. 

  • Effectively diagnose issues and identify appropriate interventions. 

  • Utilise a constructivist and intercultural methodology to build a practical and executable change management and intercultural/social impact plan.

  • Work with leadership to ensure appropriate resources are developed and implemented, provide coaching, advice, resources and tools to ensure deliverables are met. 

  • Mentor teams and individuals in their practice and accountability efforts. 


Amanda's unique skills in ethnography (as a method of participant observation and engaged interaction) allow her to map your organisation and personal needs to ensure a deep understanding of the challenges and potential. This allows Amanda to reveal the expansive ways of knowing and thinking that can be developed within your specific context. 

Open Book

Writing and narrative building

In close consultation Amanda will identify and shape your narrative and write your story. A skilled author with strategic awareness on matters of social impact, intercultural ethics and cross-cultural understanding she can produce your unique story. 

An authentic narrative is a critical part of driving impact and shepherding your organisation in a shifting and changing world. Diversity and ethical engagements call for awareness and authenticity. Language has never mattered so much!


Services include: 

  • Identifying unique narrative for purpose and need. 

  • Writing short and long works for distinct audiences and public reception.

  • Crafting narrative to match present and future aspirations.

  • Unique and appealing written pieces for a range of external facing audiences, media release, general communication pieces and overall branding.

Developing Organisational Reflexivity

A long term practitioner and international leader in the field of critical reflexivity Amanda provides training and awareness building on matters of personal and professional reflection aimed at deepening understandings and growing awareness and positive impact. If your organisation or personal career development is facing challenges of discontent, miscommunication, cultures of whisper or complaint, all of which reflect the complex interplay of power and complicity in institutional spaces, Amanda will help you build reform efforts, based in

  • Responsive reflexivity

  • Bracketing

  • Introspection

  • Inter-subjective reflection

  • Mutual collaboration

  • Ironic deconstruction

Amanda provides education, advice, coaching and mentoring at all professional levels on innovative and effective avenues for meaningful reform. Critical reflexivity is the future of meaningful leadership and allows you to develop skills which guarantee strength and positive relational encounters. 


Mapping Difference & Plural Knowledges

Over two decades of collaborations with Indigenous communities, organisations and leaders has uniquely positioned Amanda as a cultural broker, capable of translating the importance and relevance of Indigenous knowledges and plural knowledge more generally in contemporary settings, ranging from work and living ethics, land and sea management programs, cultural heritage efforts, education, the arts and politics. 


Her services for mapping difference and plural knowledges include, 

  • Field-based research and ethnography to document and record detailed insights from diverse cultural perspectives, specifically Indigenous community and organisational contexts. 

  • Translation of cultural knowledge across difference sectors for maximum impact and education. 

  • Facilitation of meetings, interviews, formal and informal discussions with parties across sites of cultural difference.


As an experienced cultural broker Amanda provides services to facilitate meaningful and ethical knowledge sharing encounters and provide expertise in bridging discussions and mediations concerning all manner of themes and topics.

Finding and Practicing Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Having been a Chair of Human Research Ethics Committees at national universities and social justice research hubs since 2010 Amanda's services include,


  • Production of in-house codes of ethics and codes of conduct.

  • Training and capacity building in ethical practice and praxis. 

  • Writing and reviewing ethics applications (including modifications and reporting) for formal approval under national and industry/disciplinary codes of conduct.

  • Developing and refining a comprehensive corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, and aligning initiatives and communications with overall company strategy and core values.

  • Measuring and solidifying the corporate social responsibility and diversity and inclusion footprint. 

  • Developing and hosting corporate initiatives and engagements, community partnerships, sustainability, diversity & inclusion promotion events. 

  • Corporate social responsibility relationships management across cultures. 

  • Identifying prospective partners and investment options for your organisation's CSR strategy. 


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