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Western Australian Marine Science Institution


Advising Anthropologist, Intercultural and Indigenous Knowledge Broker

Fieldwork and site visits, Indigenous community engagement, ethnography and knowledge documentation/translation, reporting and drafting recommendations.

Mardie Project Marine and Intertidal Research Offsets Program.

Project: Mapping of coastal and intertidal habitats with a priority focus on samphire and algal mat on the west Pilbara coast
Team: Sharyn Hickey, Mick O’Leary, Peter Fearns, Shams Islam, Amanda Kearney, Catherine Lovelock

Documenting cross-cultural perceptions of the West Pilbara coastal environments, establishing the parameters and nature of Indigenous knowledge attached to coastal Sea Country. Hosting bridging discussions to generate intercultural approaches to addressing the impact of change in Sea Country settings over the short and long term.

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