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li-Anthawirryarra Sea Ranger Group & li-Wirdiwalangu Elders Group


Anthropologist and Intercultural Broker
Advising, intercultural brokering, local community consulting and advocacy, ethnography and knowledge recording, expert writing and reporting in culturally appropriate formats.

Amanda provides advisory and cultural brokering services to the li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Rangers, with whom she has worked closely since 2007. The li-Anthawirriyarra Sea Rangers represent the interests and land/sea owning rights of the Yanyuwa community, southwest Gulf of Carpentaria. The Unit is charged with responsibility for looking after Yanyuwa Country, which encompasses the Sir Edward Pellew Islands and surrounding coastline and delta areas.

The li-Wirdiwalangu Elders group represent the Yanyuwa Aboriginal community and Amanda has worked closely with the Elders groups since 2000 on a range of community-based programs, as a local community consultant, advocate for educational reform, assistant with cross-cultural communications and representative in intercultural meetings and negotiations.

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